Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nine Month Onesies

Nine months! How did the time fly by so quickly! 
I had so many fun pictures this month, so this post is going to be really long!

Partners in Crime:

Vivian loves playing with Helen's hair!

Daddy's girls!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cutest Stocking Stuffers Ever!

Nick and I thought since the girls were still so small, we would put them in their Christmas stockings.

Vivian barely fit, she was so long!

Best little Christmas presents we could have ever asked for, they are so sweet!

Confession: We didn't get our Christmas tree until after Christmas, so we didn't actually take these pictures until January! I think they were almost getting too big for the stockings, they would have fit much better a month earlier! :)

Eight Month Onesies

The girls are getting so active, it definitely made it hard to get a simple picture of them sitting still!

Vivian kept trying to get the camera!

They both wanted Nick to pick them up, but he was taking the pictures! They love their daddy!


Helen thought something was hilarious!

This is a standard for the girls-one of them resting their feet on the other! They are so silly!

THey did not want to sit this month, just stand up! Such big girls!

Seven Month Onesies

For some reason, the numbers did not want to stay on the onesies this month. Especially Helen's number, which you may be able to see in some of these pictures, is peeling off as she moves around. It didn't help that she and Vivian found it very interesting and kept pulling on it once it became loose! By the end of the picture session, it was only hanging on by a corner of the very top of the number!

I've decided that I'd like to get a picture of Nick with the girls every month too. I think it is great to see how big they are getting in his arms, plus they love being held by him! It definitely makes it easier to take pictures when the girls are happy and less squirmy! :)

I will add, it isn't very noticeable in these pictures, but the fabric I choose for their numbers this month is tulips. Since it is May, and Tulip Time is normally in May, I wanted to tie that in with the fabric for this month.

Vivian was very interested in Helen's bee toy!

Vivian in the act of tearing off Helen's number! Poor Helen felt so attacked!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Vivian vs. Green Beans

The other day, we gave the girls green beans to try. Well, Vivian was not a fan in the least! Helen, of course, ate all of hers without one complaint! These girls are so silly!

Vivian gave some great angry faces!
Sometimes we think she looks like our very own cute little grumpy cat!

 She was throwing some mean glances around-luckily Helen wasn't phased a bit! :)

Helen ate all of her green beans, in fact, she even sucked the spilled green beans off of her bib! She didn't want to leave behind one scrap! :)

So far, Vivian has only like orange food, and Helen has preferred green food.
It has certainly been interesting trying new foods!

Six Month Onesies

Here are the girls in their six month onesies. I can't believe how fast time is flying! My mom was in town for these pictures since I had just injured my shoulder the day or two before these were taken.

We set the girls in their pack-n-play at first while we made the bed. We usually set them on the twin bed that is in their room, but it wasn't quite ready yet. Viv kept holding onto Helen and Helen loved that my mom kept leaning over and talking to them!

So sweet! Holding hands again! They do it all the time, but it still melts my heart! You can really see in this picture how well Helen is catching up to Viv!

My mom and I took the girls for some errands that afternoon, and I just loved Helen's face in this picture!

Vivian kept lounging in her high chair-so cute!

Helen chewing on her straps, as always! :) You can see in this picture how tiny her little hips still are, she only takes up about half of the seat!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Six Month Check-up

I had a realization the other day as I was attempting to sort through the gazillion of pictures we have accumulated over the past couple of months. I realized that if I didn't start doing current posts along with the catch-up posts, I would never actually catch up. I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize that, maybe I was just overconfident that I could catch-up faster than I am. So, here is my attempt to start doing current posts. :) 

We had the girls' six month check-up the other day! It seems so crazy that they are six months old already! I hurt my shoulder a couple of days before the appointment, so Nick took time off work and came with us. It was so great to have him with us!

Helen was first to be weighed, she was such a pro! 
Helen: 14 lbs 9.8 oz

Then it was Vivian's turn to be weighed, she was not happy about it! She wanted to keep snuggling with her daddy!
Vivian: 16 lbs 6.4 oz

Their stats. Since we went to the doctor about a week and half ago when Helen was sick, we can really see how quickly they are growing! Helen gained almost 9 oz and Vivian gained about 6 oz! Way to go girls!

After Vivian's examination, she got her wish and snuggled up with daddy while watching Helen get examined. I snuggled with Helen after her check-up. 

The sweet babies waited, unaware that they were about to get some vaccinations. There is a shortage on the combination shots they were scheduled for, so they had to get separate shots of each. Poor babies! They were so brave!

Viv with her crunchy monkey and Helen with her elephant-they love them!